Get to know us and our Troopy!

Get to know us and our Troopy!

Welcome to OSOM's first blog post! If you don't know us, our names are Wyatt and Tayla, a winemaker and a registered nurse, based in South Australia. We have two beautiful fur babies, their names are Akeela and Loki and they are both border collies - you will get to know them very well here as they are always by our sides and we are always talking about them!

Dogs on Beach

We have been together since 2016 and we have been on many adventures together in that time. We have been on lots of trips within South Australia and we have been overseas to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. For years we have dreamed of owning a Troopcarrier and decking it out to travel around Australia in. Since inevitably due to COVID we have not been able to go overseas, we decided to purchase our beloved Troopy a bit sooner than originally planned and get started with some trips in our home state. We purchased our Troopy right here in South Australia in August 2020, a 78 series 1HZ who we have named Maverick - after the border collie that belonged to the previous owners. She had already clocked around 380,000kms when we purchased her - if you know LandCruisers then you know that they will keep running forever if well looked after. We ensured that the car had all mechanical/servicing history included prior to purchasing and the first thing we did was take it to a mechanic so they could thoroughly look over absolutely everything and tell us if there were any issues or any potential future issues. Luckily for us there were only minor issues, but if you are planning to buy a 4WD, especially one with so many kms, do yourself a favour and make sure you have all of the history and have it looked over! 


Troopcarrier White car against Flinders Rocks

We have spent the last few months doing our Troopy build, when we bought the Troopy the previous owners had a simple drawer system inside. We pulled every single thing out and started form scratch - this was also beneficial so that we could see the floor of the car and inspect for any rust. There was only very minimal rust on the exterior of the car that we were able to just grind back and respray. We have added solar power, a dual zone fridge/freezer, a gas cooktop, a sink, a solar shower, lighting, etc - everything that you need to live on the road! In July this year we are having everything pulled out of the rear setup. We can get our Pop-top roof conversion done, we will have a Mulgo Pop-top from Expedition Centre. This will be fitted at Complete Maintenance Services in Victoria. We will redesign and rebuild our fit-out so that we can utilise the extra space that we will have. The new fit out will include cooking & washing facilities now that we have the additional room. When designing your fit-out, be very mindful about how much storage you have as it fills up extremely quickly - every single bit of space is crucial. Try avoid creating dead spaces or areas that are hard to access.  


Rear Fitout of Troopcarrier 4wd

When designing your fit-out, ensure that you take small details into account including things such as making drawers/cupboards big enough to fit the specific items that you intend to store there in their best orientation. We used a 3D CAD program called 'SketchUp' which allowed us to design a 3D interactive mockup of our fit-out before we began. We utilised the free trial of this program and were able to visualise our measurements and alter where needed. Be very mindful how much weight you add to your build, timber is quite heavy and can put a lot of load on your suspension and ride very quickly. Opt for light weight structural timber or if possible utilise light weight metal for framing. We started by laying a large piece of 18mm plywood and used that as the base to avoid drilling additional holes into the car. 

Plywood fitting in rear of car

We love our Troopy and we are beyond happy with our purchase. Sure, she is a thirsty diesel car that is big, heavy, and doesn't go very fast - but that's not what we bought the car for. We bought this car to be our home on wheels, we wanted space and comfort above anything else. We love the idea of having a caravan, but we decided that we wanted the freedom of a 4WD to go wherever we want, park it, and sleep in it. 

Troopcarrier 4wd Backdrop at Edeowie Station

We plan to begin our lap of Australia in April 2022, with no set return date in mind. Until then, we will be working our full-time jobs, working on our business OSOM, and enjoying trips around South Australia and small interstate trips. This blog will be all things camping and travel. We will be sharing all of our tips and tricks, our favourite spots that we have been to, and all of our adventures here and there! If you would like to hear about anything specific from us, don't be afraid to get in contact: you can email us at, Instagram: osom.aus, Facebook: OSOM. 

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