About us

G’day! Our names are Wyatt and Tayla, a graduate winemaker and a registered nurse, and we are a young couple travelling around Australia full time. For as long as we can both remember we have loved adventuring - from camping with our families as kids, many beach trips, to travelling overseas together. We are making our dream of travelling Australia and living on the road come true.

OSOM is a reflection of this as we want to be far out of sight and we are out of our minds obsessed with adventure seeking. We wanted to create apparel that we knew not only our customers would love, but we would love too, while keeping the environment in mind as this is of huge importance to us. All of our apparel is ethically made, packed into compostable bags, and delivered through Sendle which is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service. 

OSOM is designed to suit you whether you are out adventuring and exploring - or whether you are kicking back and enjoying life in the slow lane.