One Tree Planted

What is One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity established in 2014. They aim to make it easy for everyone to do their bit to help the environment. Trees are planted in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia - where they are most needed. Planting trees helps the environment by purifying air through absorbing harmful gases, releasing oxygen, creating habitats for hundreds of species, and filtering water. As well as all of this benefiting us humans, it also creates hundreds of jobs for those who need it. Some of the trees planted are also food-providing trees such as fruit, nuts, and leaves for the consumption for humans and animals. 

How are we doing our bit at OSOM?

Here at OSOM we are committed to reducing our footprint on this planet and positively contributing to it however possible. Our apparel is ethically made, packaged in compostable bags, and delivered to your door through a 100% carbon neutral delivery service. On top of this, we will personally donate to plant one tree for every item of apparel that is sold, with an aim to increase this number as our business grows. 

How can you do your bit to help? 

You are doing your bit when you choose to support small businesses who prioritise the environment, such as OSOM! But each of us can always do more to help. If you wish to personally donate to One Tree Planted, you can do so by clicking here.